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Cataract surgery:
Clear vision even after 60

Clear view in 30 minutes

Modern cataract surgery

High-performance artificial lenses

Independence from glasses

Have a clear vision through modern cataract surgery

Clario's team of experienced surgeons will help you restore your vision, with cataract eye surgery performed at the highest level. Do not let the disease progress and come in for a consultation at the first signs of cataracts: blurred vision, pale colors, frequent need to change glasses.

Clear vision in only 30 minutes [VIDEO]

Cataracts appear when the lens progressively becomes opaque and no longer allows light to reach the retina. This is one of the leading causes of vision loss and affects millions of people worldwide. Cataract eye surgery can restore your vision so you can still see and enjoy the world around you.

At Clario, the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts, on average, 30 minutes, under local anesthesia and without pain.

[VIDEO] Watch in the next film a short demonstration of the cataract surgery being performed by our medical team.

Modern cataract eye surgery

At Clario, we operate on cataracts with an American Alcon Centurion phacoemusifier and a Zeiss Lumera 300 operating microscope, both of the latest generation. The surgical table comes from Brumaba, a leader in comfort and reliability.

The operation room offers a generous space for the comfort of both medical team and patients as well as state-of-the-art equipment,  from the sterilization equipment,  including for the air in the room, to the instruments we use.

High-performance artificial crystalline lenses

Our medical team will help you choose a state-of-the- art crystalline lens that will replace the one affected by cataracts.

The eye lenses we use come from the most famous manufacturers and ensure varying degrees of independence from the need to wear glasses.

  • Monofocal crystalline lens: ideal for you if you want a better distance vision and you are not bothered by needing and wearing glasses for reading and other activities.
  • Multifocal crystalline lens: this is what you need if you want to get rid of glasses completely. This eye lens is perfect in 90-95% of everyday situations, regardless of distance.
  • EDOF crystalline lens: the latest technology in the field of artificial lenses. You get rid of glasses for distance and for the intermediate area. For some activities, you may still need glasses.

When is cataract eye surgery recommended?

Untreated cataracts can eventually lead, after a generally slow evolution, to blindness. However, this is rarely a surgical emergency and only regular check-ups can determine when to intervene.

When the decrease in vision affects the quality of life, making it difficult to do normal things (driving, reading, watching TV) or affects your level of independence, your ophthalmologist will recommend cataract surgery. The timing of the procedure should be chosen so that the cataract does not become too mature, in which case the surgery is more difficult and involves additional risks.

Cataract surgery cost - price per eye

Cataract eye surgery with monofocal IOL

HPS 1st Q (monofocal, hydrophilic, aspheric, UV filter) Kemblimed Germany 2500 Lei
Acrysof SA60AT (monofocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter) Alcon USA 3000 Lei
Sensar AAB00 (monofocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter) J&J USA 3000 Lei
ACRYSOF IQ SN60WF (monofocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter Alcon USA 3500 Lei
Bi-Flex Faby (monofocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter, preloaded) Kemblimed Germany 3500 Lei
Tecnis ZCB00 (monofocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) J&J USA 3000 Lei
Clareon CNA0T0(monofocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter, preloaded Alcon USA 3500 Lei
Eyhance ICB00 (hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter, intermediary vision) J&J USA 4000 Lei

Cataract eye surgery with toric monofocal IOL

Acrysof SN6ATx (monofocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) Alcon USA 4500 Lei

Cataract eye surgery with multifocal / EDOF IOL

Acrysof Panoptix TFNT00 (multifocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) Alcon USA 6500 Lei
Vivity DFT015 (EDOF, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) Alcon USA 6500 Lei
Symfony ZXR00 (multifocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) J&J USA 7000 Lei
Synergy ZFR00V (multifocal, hydrophobic, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) J&J USA 7500 Lei

Cataract eye surgery with toric multifocal / EDOF IOL

Acrysof Panoptix Toric TFNTx (multifocal toric, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) Alcon USA 8000 Lei
Acrysof Vivity DFT00 (EDOF, toric, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) Alcon USA 8000 Lei
Symfony ZXW (multifocal toric, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) J&J USA 8500 Lei
Synergy ZFW (multifocal toric, aspheric, UV filter, blue-light filter) J&J USA 9000 Lei

Clario’s medical team

Frequently asked questions about the surgery

What is the biggest mistake made by those who have cataract surgery?

The biggest mistake is having a treatment that targets only cataracts done with the simplest lens implant, without taking into account other vision problems that can be solved during cataract surgery.

Modern artificial eye lenses allow you to have a much better vision, even without wearing reading glasses, for example. If you have an active life, a multifocal eye lens or an EDOF crystalline lens can give you a much greater independence from glasses.

Our recommendation is that once the cataract is removed, you should seriously consider a high-performance eye lens because it is a unique opportunity in life where you can solve several problems at the same time.

The ophthalmologist will explain in detail all the options you have.

Why should I have surgery in a private clinic?

This type of surgery is performed in both public and private systems. Advantages of operating in a private clinic:

– The full range of options for choosing the artificial eye lens, from the simplest to the most performing, monofocal or multifocal with various protective treatments

– State-of-the-art equipment of a private clinic

– Flexible schedule – you decide when to have the surgery; you will not wait your turn on a waiting list of a public hospital

– Impeccable health and hygiene

– Pre and postoperative care provided individually by an entire medical team

Although considered a routine procedure, the way cataract surgery is done will affect your vision for the rest of your life. It is worth paying close attention to all the details and options that may prove essential in the future.

If I don’t have the surgery, how much time will it take until I start having serious problems?

This is a condition with a generally slow evolution, very rarely is an emergency. However, delaying the surgery too much can lead to the solidification of the natural lens, at which point the operation becomes much more difficult and risky. Even longer delays can eventually lead to blindness.


The ophthalmologist can determine by periodic check-ups, especially after the age of 60 years the appropriate time for cataract surgery.

I’m afraid of having surgery. What other options do I have?

So far, no method has been discovered to prevent or slow down the evolution of cataracts. Fortunately, however, technology has evolved a lot, making this surgery very safe and with extraordinary results, especially when done on time.

The operation is performed in an outpatient setting, without hospitalization and with local anesthesia. Although we can’t get rid of your normal fear of surgery, we can do everything to make it a comfortable experience with results that you will appreciate for a long time.

Can cataracts grow back?

In 20-30% of patients who have cataract surgery, at a period between a few months and a few years after the intervention, a decrease in vision due to secondary cataract may occur. It is not a complication of the operation. It does not affect the artificial eye lens and occurs due to fibrosis of the lens capsule.

The solution for this situation is laser surgery, painless, fast, which leads to the restoration of vision, as it was after cataract surgery.

What complications can occur after surgery?

You should know that, as with any procedure, this surgery involves risks related to infection and bleeding. The risks of surgery are higher in patients who have associated other eye diseases (high myopia, diabetic retinopathy, advanced glaucoma, hypermature cataracts) or general (severe hypertension, coagulopathies).

Intraoperative complications that may occur: rupture of the posterior capsule of the lens, loss of vitreous material, dislocation of the lens in vitro, dislocation of the artificial lens, suprachoroidal hemorrhage. Possible postoperative complications that may occur are infections, bleeding, retinal detachment, increased intraocular pressure, thickening of the retina or cornea.

Under the conditions of a correct preoperative evaluation, of a correct surgical technique, with performing equipment and, very importantly – by strictly following the surgeon’s instructions both intraoperatively and postoperatively, the vast majority of complications can be prevented and / or treated successfully.

Are pre-surgery tests necessary? Which ones?

It is necessary to do a series of tests before the operation to assess your health (cardiac check-up, EKG, blood pressure measurement, blood tests).

During the preoperative ophthalmological consultation (a few days before the operation) the ophthalmologist will do a detailed examination of your eye, to know what condition it is in. Sometimes special investigations are needed to evaluate the retina or the optic nerve (tomography, eye ultrasound, etc.).

What technology do you use?

At Clario we do cataract surgery with the latest model of American phacoemulsifier Alcon Centurion and the most advanced German surgical microscope, Zeiss Lumera. The surgical tables are from Brumaba, a brand famous for the comfort offered to patients and their versatility.